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After struggling for quite some time with opposing views of our company, we finally realized that the public perception of our business was important. We didn't want a few rumors to get in the way of profitability, so we started looking for a business attorney who could help. We found a great lawyer in the area who really understood how to handle different aspects of our company, and they worked with us to identify and resolve a long list of challenges. Now I can honestly say that our business stands on its own two feet, and that is a great feeling.


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Three Legal Tips For Your Growing Company

When moving forward with your company, it is crucial that you handle both the major and minor issues related to your legal needs. By focusing on the legalities of your business, you will have the opportunity to protect your assets, grow without worry, and avoid things that will set you back. You can handle your business's legal issues by using the tips in this article to your advantage. 

Only enter into contracts that you completely understand

According to studies, close to 10 percent of all contracts end up in some form of dispute. While legal issues are a part of doing business, litigation becomes costly and can create setbacks in your growth. The best way to avoid legal risks is by understanding exactly what you are signing before you sign it. Even if a business seems incredible on paper, don't bind you or your business without knowing in great detail what everything means. If you have a business attorney on retainer, be sure that they read through the language of the contract with a fine-toothed comb so that they can advise you accordingly. Learn everything from the terms of the contract and how long it will take effect, to how it can be dissolved and how the contract will be redistributed if events change. By never leaving your language loose, you will dramatically reduce the potential for litigation. 

Keep continuity among your attorney teams 

If you are constantly changing lawyers, it becomes difficult for you to move forward with your legal cases. Taking on a case with completely fresh eyes is difficult with any attorney, so the best thing you can do is build continuity among your legal team. Once you have a lawyer on retainer or by the hour, make sure that you maintain this relationship for as long as possible. Hiring a business lawyer by the hour can cost you between about $150 and $325 per hour. 

Be clean and strategic with your finances

The adage when dealing with litigation is that to know the story, you have to follow the money. Because this is the case, you need your finances to be impeccable. Hire an accountant that can keep you ahead of the game with your taxes and develop a bookkeeping system that is easy to read and explain. Also, invest in cloud storage so that you can maintain records with no problem and grow them for the long haul. The better you keep your records and finances, the better you'll avoid legal problems. 

Use these tips so that your business is protected legally.